Whether you want to outsource multiple marketing functions or just focus on one, we’ve got you covered!

Product Marketing

So many small tech companies go directly from building a new solution to investing money in marketing tactics like digital marketing and social media to generate leads. Unfortunately, they skip the product marketing process entirely and end up paying for it in poor results and wasted money.

Our mission at Marketing Matters is to help small businesses scale faster by working with them to clearly identify their target buyer, define a compelling message, and create a marketing strategy that aligns with sales. Taking the time to complete this process before executing on other marketing tactics can make a world of difference in the quality of leads generated and the length of time required to close deals, ultimately improving customer acquisition and increasing ROI.

We’ll work with you to develop a solid strategy.
  • Persona development
  • Product messaging & positioning
  • Go to market plan

Public Relations

Building brand awareness and developing company credibility are cornerstones of creating a positive company image. It’s critical to engage your audience and provide timely information on topics like industry trends, new regulations, and product updates.

PR is a great way to get credible media exposure without the excessive costs of paid media, digital marketing, and advertising.

We develop the tools you need to get noticed.
    • Press releases
    • Contributed articles
    • Editorial placements
    • Award submissions
    • Company profiles
    • Stakeholder bios
    • Media kits

Content Creation

Creating customized content that cuts through the noise starts with a solid value proposition and clear competitive differentiators. Understanding and addressing the specific pain points your prospects are struggling with is the quickest way to get their attention, and communicating in a tone and style that suits your audience encourages engagement.

It all starts with target market research to uncover buyer pain points and that leads to content that resonates with your prospects. Well-written content can greatly impact the results of your marketing campaigns. 

We provide a host of marketing assets, depending on company need, including:
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Product data sheets
  • Company collateral
  • Case studies
  • White papers

Sales Enablement

Businesses gain traction and achieve growth faster when sales and marketing are aligned. A coordinated sales enablement program facilitates that alignment by developing sales tools, scripts, leave-behinds and other collateral built with the same messaging used in marketing initiatives. By providing a consistent message from the start of a buyer’s journey to the finish, companies can shorten their sales cycle and strengthen customer loyalty.

Effective training and use of these tools are proven to accelerate company growth.

We provide a variety of sales tools depending on company need, including:
  • Cheat sheets with all pertinent solution information and messaging
  • Probing questions with anticipated replies and recommended responses
  • Objection-handling documents including common objections and applicable replies
  • Call scripts
  • Email templates
  • Training sessions on how to use these tools